"RoseGold" Apple Blossom & Rose Reed Diffuser

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"RoseGold" Apple Blossom & Rose Reed Diffuser

Create an atmosphere of gentle calm with our stunning Reed Diffuser fragrance RoseGold. Fresh and fruity, with tangy, crisp citrus top notes and a sweet, captivating heart of Rose it is a refreshing, summery fragrance that is full of hope. 

Striking in any home our handpoured Reed Diffuser RoseGold comes in a black cubed glass diffuser bottle with black reeds, making a very stylish and fragrance addition to your home or business. 

This delightful, refreshing fragrance can also be found in our Scented Candle range.

About Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffusers are a recyclable, eco-friendly, economical and safe way of providing a consistent fragrance to your home or business. The Reeds work as a vessel through which the fragrance can travel up and be dispersed into the air. There is no need for a flame, so the Diffusers can keep providing a fragrance safely and effectively to your environment for up to 5 months.

* Our Reed Diffusers are made with a combination of Dowanol, a superior solvent for cosmetic preparations, and IFRA Approved Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils.







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