"Anniversary" Coconut & Fig Reed Diffuser

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"Anniversary" Coconut & Fig Reed Diffuser

Infused with a unique accord of Coconut & Fig, our beautiful Reed Diffuser fragrance Anniversary is full of fun and romance. With a sophisticated, fruity and warming blend of Fig and creamy, exotic Coconut, this unique fragrance will completely capture your heart! 

Handpoured in our London studio, our beautifully scented Reed Diffuser (150 ml) comes in a cubed glass diffuser bottle with black reeds, making a very stylish and fragrant addition to your home or business. 

Our delightful Anniversary fragrance can also be found in our Luxury Candle range.

About Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffusers are a recyclable, eco-friendly, economical and safe way of providing a consistent fragrance to your home or business. The Reeds work as a vessel through which the fragrance can travel up and be dispersed into the air. There is no need for a flame, so the Diffusers can keep providing a fragrance safely and effectively to your environment for up to 5 months. We use Dowanol in our Reed Diffusers, which is a superior solvent for cosmetic preperations.

Materials and Ingredients: Glass Reed Diffuser Bottle, Black Reeds, Dowanol, Aroma oils








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